Falconist Party

The following is the tenents of what Falconism espouses and what the Falconist Party believes in.

Good Government: We believe the issue isn't "big government" versus "small government" but "good government" versus "bad government". We will run a government that will do what is necessary without the waste, fraud, corruption, and graft that all too often characterizes our government.

Social and cultural conservatism; The Falconist Party will implement policies that will rebuild and protect families; restore public morality; be tough on crime; protect the free expression of faith in the public arena; and protect the life of the unborn while standing against the legalization of drugs, assisted suicide, abortion, prostitution and other forces that would undermine America's moral foundation.

Guided Capitalism; The Falconist Party will defend private property and private enterprise. However, we believe the government must play a very active role in our economy in such regard as to rebuild our infrastructure; enact policies that will protect and rebuild our manufacturing base; enact policies that will rebuild and revitalize our big cities as well as our small towns; ensure access to education and health care to all; and ensuring genuine equality of opportunity for all Americans.

Ecological stewardship: The Falconist Party will implement a program that will protect our environment as well as better utilize and conserve America's resources while protecting the property rights of people. The Falconist Party will implement an agenda that includes moving America to a mixed energy economy, revitalizes family farms and small towns, cleaning up America's brownfields, developing safely America's sources of fossil fuels, as well as even out economic and population growth nationwide.

Homeland Security: The Falconist Party will implement a homeland security program that will encourage and increase legal immigration and assimilation, crack down on illegal immigration, fund fire, rescue, and law enforcement agencies adequately to recruit, train, equip, and compensate the guardians of our way of life; and build a strong military through Universal Military Training and Mandatory National Service.

Criminal justice and personal protection; The Falconist Party champions the individual's right to use lethal force to defend oneself, the lives of others, and property without fear of arrest, prosecution, or lawsuit. The Falconist Party also believes in a tough, but simple law code, a criminal justice system that rehabilitates as well as punishes offenders; in punishment that is delivered swiftly and if necessary, harshly; and for all law enforcement agencies to be funded sufficiently to provide the services necessary to accomplish this as well as to sufficiently equip and compensate our law enforcement officers to carry out this task.

Unilateral and interventionist foreign policy;  The Falconist Party will continue America's quest to extend to every corner of the globe the institutions of democracy, rule of law, justice, equality, and prosperity while fighting terrorism, tyranny, atrocity, drug trafficking, human trafficking,  and ecological destruction wherever they rear their ugly heads. The Falconist Party will build a military that will defend the homeland while engaged in this worldwide effort and ensure our soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines are funded, equipped, armed, and compensated to carry out this mission.

Unity; The Falconist Party will continue to unify all people of color, gender, ethnic group, demographic group, faith, economic background and geographic area behind our program. We will craft a program that will harmonize the interests of the rich and poor, black and white, man and woman, metro and retro, young and old, urban and rural, employer and employee, elite and populist. With this agenda, we will paint both the red and blue states bronze.