Falconist Party
  1. How is Falconism different from Socialism?

Socialism calls for the state-ownership of property and the reduction of capitalism in society. Falconism calls to turn as many citizens to capitalists through Employee Stock Ownership Programs, stock in corporations organized around BOOT programs, and through establishing a national savings-investment plan.
Socialism calls for the distribution of wealth from the rich to the poor. Falconism recognizes that there will always be economic inequality. However, Falconism calls for the ladders to be in place for people at the bottom to be able to move as far as their attributes will take them up the ladder.

  2.   How does the Falconist Party propose to pay for all the programs we propose?

First of all, most of the programs the Falconist Party proposes will pay for themselves.  Rebuilding America's infrastructure will add $3 to our GDP for every $1 invested. Space colonization will add $8-30 to the GDP for every $1 invested.
Second of all, unemployed people don't pay taxes. The more people we put to work, the more people who will go from welfare recipients to taxpayers.
Third, many of our programs won't involve so much as spending more money but making better use of the money we have to attain economic goals. 
Were not trying to build more ladders, but replace old ladders with better ones.
Fourth,  were going to restructure the financial system of the United States and restructure America's national debt. We will reduce interest rates, convert the national debt into stock in government held corporations, and nationalize the nation's central bank.
Fifth, were going to offset the cost of our military by having the military own businesses operated by civilians for the military's profit. The cost of our military will also be offset by tribute from nations were rebuildign and defending.
Finally, not all of these programs will be implemented at once. The first priority will be the rebuilding of our infrastructure and industrial base. Once we get the economy moving, we will implement the other programs such as universal health insurace, space colonization, and so on.

  3.    How did you come up with the terms Falconist and Falconism?

We believed the symbol of our party should be a war bird because we are in a struggle to against the oligarchy of transnational corporations and the two-party establishment and we are in a struggle to forfill America's manifest destiny.
We also wanted to create a new "ism" to compete with Conservatism, Liberalism, Socialism, Libertarianism, etc. "Eagleism", "Hawkism", just didn't seem to have that ring to it. The "Eagleist Party" didn't sit well with us. Other terms such as "Americanism", "Nationalist", "Populist" don't seem to do justice to naming an ideology. Not to mention those terms seemed to have been abused over the past few decades.

  4.   Is the Falconist Party a Christian party.

The Falconist Party is not exculsively a Christian party. The Falconist Party welcomes people of all faiths that agree with the principles and platform of our movement.
Also, while Christianity, Islam, Mormonism, Judaism all differ on which way is the truth, they have shared values that are espoused in this platform. All of these religions for example, agree that abortion, racism, sexual imorral behavior, gambling, drunkeness are wrong.
The Falconist Party does not seek to impose a clerical dictatorship on America nor does the Falconist Party wish to make Christianity, or any particular sect of Christianity, Islam, LBS, or any other faith the national religion of America that everyone has to belong to.
Bottom line is that the Falconist Party wants to welcome into its fold and rally people of all faiths that share similar values with the Falconist Party to restore public morality and social order in America.

  5.  Does the Falconist Party advocate "big government"

The truth is while the two major political parties advocate the shrinking of government, they really haven't done so. Sure the federal workforce has shrunk. However, the federal government has just as many people working for it as it has before. The difference is that many of those people are now working for companies with contracts with the federal government.

While the Falconist Party advocates many programs that would expand the government such as the WPA, PWA, and several new service corps, the Falconist Party will also reduce the graft in the federal government by consolidating agencies and eliminating outdated programs.

Yes, the Falconist Party advocates an active, interventionist government. However, we also envision a government that is doing more of the steering and less of the rowing. We envision the government setting broad-range economic goals and offering aid and incentive for business to meet those goals versus meticulous regulation. We envision the federal government issuing more block grants to state and local governments to rebuild America's crumbling infrastructure; hiring more policemen, firefighters, and rescue personnel; and hiring more teachers and raising teachers salaries.

Finally,  we envision the private sector, nonprofit sector, and the church to work with the government in rebuilding our nation and healing America's wounds. However, just as much as we want to empower and fund state and local authorities, the private sector, the nonprofit sector, and the church to carry out the Falconist vision for America, the Falconist Party admits that Americans, as much as we complain about big government, demand much from this same government. We expect the government to maintain good highways and bridges, reduce violent crime, fund our schools, fund research and development, protect the environment, provide occupational health and safety protection, and defend the homeland.

The Falconist Party knows the government can solve every problem. But the Falconist Party envisions the government to provide leadership and be a team player in building an America for all people, from the greatest to the least.

  6.     Does the Falconist Party call for one world government

The Falconist Party is opposed to the USA submitting itself to the United Nations or any world federation that could govern the world. We believe in expansion always in all ways. We believe in encouraging compatible nations in joining the United States of America, first as dependencies but then as states of the union. At the bear minimum, we only seek the annexation of the rest of the North American continent by the United States.

  7.    Does the Falconist Party advocate war

The Falconist Party doesn't so much as advocate war as recognize that we are already at war. Not only is America at war with drugs, crime, and terrorism, but America is at war with itself. Our cities are "Baghdads" in themselves as criminals make war with law-abdiding citizens. And even if America withdrew from the world, there will be 30 wars going on around the world at the same time, taking millions of lives.

The Falconist Party also recognizes that the opposite of war isn't always peace but slavery, oppression, exploitation, tyranny, atrocity, and in some cases, even genocide.

The Falconist Party believes America has been blessed with the wealth and power it has not just the American people have built the strongest economy in the world, but America has a divine mission to correct the wrongs of the world.

Yes, correcting the wrongs of this world will cost America blood and treasure. However, isn't it a sin to allow millions of people worldwide suffer and maybe die at the hands of tyrants? Isn't it a sin to allow millions of people and the natural resources of their nations to be exploited for the treasure of transnational corporations?
The Falconist Party calls America to fight back and take back her streets and neighborhoods from criminals, to fight back against terrorism, to fight poverty, injustice, oppression, and inequality both here and abroad, to fight for all people of this world, and to fight for the faith.

  8.     Does the Falconist Party advocate insurrection against the government?

No! No! And "Heck No!" The Falconist Party is against any attempt to change the U.S. Government by force. Falconists spit on the thought of taking up arms against those who pledged to defend our nation from all enemies both foriegn and domestic. Not to mention an armed insurrection would destroy the same America we seek to rebuild.

Anyone who wishes to wage an armed insurrection against the government would be considered to be a terrorist and is not welcome in this party. 

9. What is the meaning of our party symbol?

The Falconist Party has a red, white and blue falcon as our party symbol. We wanted a "war bird' to symbolize our party and when we combined all such bird names with "ism", Falconism had a ring to it. Also, our symbol has two wings representing the left and right wing and it takes two wings to fly. And that is the third reason for our party symbol, a bird flies upward which is the direction we want to take America and the world. Not right, nor left, but up.

10. Is the Falconist Party left wing or right wing.

The Falconist Party is neither right wing or left wing. We combine ideas from both parties in a certain philosophical thread to take America and world not right, nor left, but up.