Falconist Party
Taking America and the world not left, nor right, but up

Taking America and the world not left, nor right, but up.

Become a member of the Falconist Party    

Email us at falconist_party@yahoo.com with your name and contact information and we will mail you the documents necessary to obtain free basic official membership in the Falconist Party or you may fill out the initial e-membership form on this page below.

Run as candidate of the Falconist Party

We are looking for people to run for elected office on the federal/national, state level and local level. If you are or know someone who is interested in running as a candidate of the Falconist Party, contact us immediately at falconist_party@yahoo.com so we can make this possible.
Volunteer for the Falconist Party

If you wish to volunteer on behalf of  our movement but don't wish to be an official member, email us ASAP at falconist_party@yahoo.com on how you can serve our party without becoming a member.