Falconist Party

40 Point platform of the Falconist Party

1. We call for the enactment of laws, policies and Constitutional amendments that would break the two-party monopoly on our political system, reform the process of electing our nation's leaders, reduce graft and corruption, reduce the power of the Supreme Court, and restructure the federal government to complete its mission more efficiently and effectively.

2. We call for the reform of the financial sector which would include replacing the Federal Reserve with a government-owned and operated Bank of the United States as well as reinstating Glass-Stegall.

3. We call for the replacement of our broken tax code with the Flat-VAT-FAT tax plan which is fair, paperless for most Americans, promotes economic growth, and raises the revenue needed to finance our programs as well as balance the budget; The main components of the Flat-VAT-FAT plan include a flat income tax, Value Added Tax, and a Financial Action Tax of 1% on all securities transactions.

4. We call for a federal budget that is not only balanced, but also makes paying the principle of the national debt a spending priority; We will pay as we go for all our programs and we will retire the national debt.

5. We call for the largest rebuilding program in American history to be implemented to expedite the movement of goods and services; relieve traffic congestion, provide excellent health care; provide excellent educational services; refine and distribute drinking water from our oceans; to meet Americas growing energy demands; and to put millions of people to work at living wages.

6. We call for the reservation of welfare for those who are elderly, infirm, and those who need a temporary helping hand; All those who can work shall work in the private sector if possible, in public service if necessary; in addition, we call for the revival of the Works Progress Administration, the Public Works Administration, and the establishment of a U.S. Green Corps to put all able-bodied unemployed people to work.

7. We call for the consolidation and reorganization of federal agencies and offices across the board to make government more efficient as well as more effective.

8. We call for the consolidation cities and counties across America to reduce the cost and graft of municipal government as well as handle problems that transcend current municipal boundaries such as urban sprawl.

9. We call for a the federalization and reorganization of the US Chamber of Commerce (USCC) to represent employees and employers as well as encompass all public, private, nonprofit, and faith-based institutions to tackle social and economic problems of our day; the USCC will harmonize the interests of business and labor in making and keeping our nation great.

10. We call for the replacement of meticulous economic regulation with national broad ranged economic goals and creating a system of incentives for industry to meet national economic goals.

11. We call for the democratization of transnational corporations through expanded customer and employee stock ownership and purchase programs.

12. We call for policies that would preserve and revitalize family farms as well as small town America.

13. We call for a campaign to end America's dependence on foreign oil by developing domestic sources of fossil fuels in an ecological manner, implementing programs of conservation as well as developing alternative sources of energy such as solar, nuclear, geothermal, wind, and biomass.

14. We call for the implementation of Universal Military Training and Mandatory National Service (civil and military).

15. We call for increased benefits for veterans and increased compensation and benefits of career military personnel and their families.

16. We call for the expansion and reform of the US Military to defend our homeland and fight the global war on terrorism.

17. We call for the issuing of weapons to all law-abiding citizens as well as training all citizens in personal protection and homeland defense as well as the re-establishment of state militias.

18. We call for the reorganization and streamlining of all Federal law enforcement agencies to defend our homeland and assist state and local law enforcement agencies in fighting crime more effectively.

19. We call for reform of the judicial system, the enactment of a tough criminal code and for justice that fair, swift, and if necessary, harsh.

20. We call for reform of the corrections system to rehabilitate as well as punish offenders; segregate the violent from the nonviolent offenders; and to reduce recidivism.

21. We call for the recruitment, hiring, training, and deployment of a more police officers, firefighters, and rescue workers on America?s streets, arming police officers to the teeth, and increasing the pay and benefits of law enforcement officers, firefighters, and rescue workers.

22. We call for the increased funding of education overall, increased pay of teachers; national education standards; allowing real choice between public, private, charter, nonprofit, or home schooling; and reforming education to produce a population that is employable, productive, literate, and possesses civic virtue.

23. We call for the overhaul and expansion of Junior ROTC as well as expansion of Cadet Corps, Young Marines, and Civil Air Patrol programs to instill discipline, patriotism, and life skills in our youth.

24. We call for the enactment of the Guaranteed Educational Access Plan (GEAP) which will issue certificates to citizens to enroll themselves and their children in educational institutions from Preschool to Graduate School; citizens will be able to attend any institution of higher learning that accepts them and their tuition and fees will be covered by the GEAP; citizens may use certificates to enroll their children in any school from Preschool to 12th grade or home-school their children.

25. We call for increased legal immigration; however, we also call for the thorough assimilation of those immigrants into American society as well as the fortification of America?s borders to deter illegal immigration as well as drug smuggling, terrorism and human trafficking. All immigrants to learn English and swear to love and respect our flag. There shall not be any hanging of flags other than the American Flag, unless they also hang the American Flag beside it, while abiding the Flag Etiquette. All illegal immigrants shall be arrested, prosecuted and sentenced either to jail or service in the new Freedom Legions of the US Army.

26. We call for the enactment of the Guaranteed Healthcare Access Plan which will issue healthcare certificates to all legal residents to enroll themselves and their families in the healthcare plan of their choice.

27. We call for the enactment of pro-family policies such as annual grants for children; encouraging the adoption of older and at-risk children; enactment of the GHAP; and the outlawing of abortion in the USA.

28. We call for laws that will restore public morality, define marriage as one man and woman bound together in holy matrimony, and discourage smoking, drinking, gambling, and pornography.

29. We call for both secular and faith-based institutions to be eligible for public funding and we call for the repeal of all laws and policies that restrict people of faith in practicing their beliefs or expressing their faith in the public arena.

30. We call for laws and programs that will extend formal equality and equality of opportunity for all people of color and background.

31. We call for the rebuilding of all cities, including our nation's capital to eliminate slums, reduce crime, create vibrant and prosperous communities, and to provide affordable housing.

32. We call for the establishment of new cities and communities in the sparsely settled regions of America where evacuees from the inner cities will be resettled while the inner city communities are torn down and rebuilt.

33. We call for the establishment of Economic Refugee Centers (ERCs) where the homeless, unemployed, and underemployed will receive free food, clothing, shelter, and attain the skills necessary to be employed. After release from a ERC, refugees will be transported to the city of their choice and be given a sum of money to start a new life in that city.

34. We call for withdraw of the USA from the WTO, NAFTA and GATT , unilateral foreign policies, and military action against all regimes worldwide engaged in terrorism, tyranny, drug and human trafficking, atrocity, and genocide.

35. We call for the overhaul and expansion of the US Peace Corps and the US Foreign Service to make it more able to handle nation-building roles.

36. We call for national level recruitment campaigns for teaching, law enforcement, health care, public service, supporting existing public service programs at colleges and universities nationwide, and the establishment a U.S. Public Service Academy.

37. We call for the colonization of the oceans to provide new resources for the people of America and the world.

38. We call for the development of a mature space transportation system; the colonization of the Moon, Mars, and other planets; and the establishment of space colonies in low Earth orbit.

39. We call for the admission of Canada, Mexico, Greenland, and the rest of North America into the USA as states or territories, for the USA to encompass all of North America; we will also welcome any nation that wishes to join the USA as either a state or a territory.

40. While the planks of this platform are national, even global in scope, we call for the state and local governments as well as the private, nonprofit, and faith based organizations to be the instruments of implementation of our policies, with state and local revenues as well as private contributions if possible, with federal revenues if necessary.